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What is a SCOGO?

Is it an electric scooter, an electric moped, or an electric kick scooter? Maybe a bit of each, but most definitely something else! SCOGO is a light electric vehicle (LEV) so it does not need any registration, inspection, or traffic insurance. No minimum age limits, no driver's license required. SCOGO is a cool and rugged way to get from point A to point B.

Technical properties of a SCOGO C2

Dimensions: 1980 x 800 x 1200 mm

Weight: 70 kg

Top speed: 25 km/h

Motor: 1000 W huoltovapaa sähkömoottori

Battery: Small lithium battery, 60 V 12 Ah (0,72kWh) / Large lithium battery, 60 V 20 Ah (1,2 kWh)

Weight Of The Battery: 6,5 kg

Range Per Charge: up to 40 - 65 km

Charge time: 5 - 7 h

Load Capacity: 200 kg

Tire Size: 215/40-12"

Standard Equipment: Full suspension, removable battery, headlights, turning signals, keyless start and remote immobilizer

Color: Matte Black, Matte Black + Metallic Red, White

Where can I ride my SCOGO?

SCOGO is primarily intended to be used in varying terrains and unpaved surfaces. Thanks to its fat and burly tires SCOGO performs well on trails, sand or gravel roads, and uneven terrain, where vehicles with smaller tires would not. Top speed of a SCOGO is electronically restricted to 25 km/h. Riding a SCOGO is legally equivalent to riding a bike, and basically the same traffic rules are applied.

What is the range of a SCOGO?

Range varies greatly depending on the battery size and the riding behavior. When riding on a level terrain at a steady speed, the range per charge can be up to 65 km. Range is reduced by multiple accelerations and decelerations, such as when riding in a busy traffic. When the battery starts to run out of juice, just plug it into a power outlet while you sleep or work, and recover your range like magic.

What is included in the standard equipment of a SCOGO?

The standard equipment includes a headlight, a taillight, turn signals, a horn, keyless ignition, and a remotely controlled immobiliser. Passenger seat and side mirrors are also available. It has got everything but a harvester.

Where can I find a service for my SCOGO?

Skand has a very extensive network of service points both in Finland and Sweden. Additionally, there are hundreds of independent service stations where you can have your SCOGO repaired. None of the service points install harvesters on SCOGOs.

"SCOGO Is Part of Skand."

What is Skand?

Skand is a Finnish electric vehicle brand and one of the biggest electric vehicle brands in the Nordic countries. Skand has an extensive network of service points and comprehensive support services. Skand's founders and engineers have an education in the electrical field along with a vast working experience in the industry, all the way from electric cars to designing paper machines. Skand has been granted level 2 Electrical Qualification by Tukes, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Is SCOGO the one for me?

Of course!

How can I purchase a SCOGO?

You can order from the Skand online store, fill out the form on this page, call us, or send us an email. We deliver your SCOGO to your doorstep. You are also welcome to visit the Skand store.